Personalized Appointments

  1. An Appointment is required – Call 613-247-0611
  2. Wearing a mask is mandatory
  3. No gloves please!
  4. Ring doorbell on arrival; once ready, we will unlock the door.
  5. Staff all wear a mask and gloves when necessary.
  6. Mandatory hand sanitizing will happen once inside.
  7. Clients will be asked to refrain from touching merchandise
  8. Anything touched is quarantined
  9. Allow us to select items to try on once sizing is determined
  10. Maximum number of items to try is limited to 3 at one time to exercise control.
  11. Once fitting is complete, purchased & appointments will be processed at reception desk
  12. Your purchased items will be set in our own bags
  13. Debit or credit is appreciated
  14. Hand sanitizing occurs again when exiting the store